See Aubrey Plaza’s New Coming-of-Age Queer Film: ‘My Old Ass’

See Aubrey Plaza’s New Coming-of-Age Queer Film: ‘My Old Ass’

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“The only thing you can’t get back is time. It goes by so fast.”  

Aubrey Plaza‘s latest film, My Old Ass, debuted its hilarious and heartfelt trailer, delivering a fresh and unique take on the queer coming-of-age genre.

Written and directed by Megan Park (Fallout), the film features Plaza as a sassy, possibly hallucinated version of her younger self’s future. Maisy Stella plays the teenage Elliott, spending her last summer at her parents’ cranberry bog before going off to college.

“I thought I’d be happier at 40,” young Elliott says in the trailer. Plaza snarks back, “You are happy, and I’m not 40, asshole.”

Teen Angst Meets Midlife Sarcasm

The trailer highlights 18-year-old Elliott’s struggle with relationships and her emerging sexuality while she receives sarcastic wisdom from her future self.

What if you had the opportunity to advise your younger self? Would you tell her to avoid anyone named Chad? Me too.

A Story for Everyone

Seeing a queer teenager alongside her almost-40-year-old self brings a refreshing perspective to the genre. It’s not just about discovering one’s identity; it’s about grappling with what that identity means years down the line. This dual narrative offers a more comprehensive look at growth, regret, and the complexities of life.

From Sundance to the Big Screen

After wowing audiences at Sundance, My Old Ass is ready for its theatrical release. The film’s blend of humor and heart has garnered rave reviews, making it a must-watch. Megan Park’s unique vision and Plaza’s sharp wit promise a cinematic experience that resonates deeply.

See ‘My Old Ass’ in Theaters!

My Old Ass hits limited theaters on September 13. Prepare for a wild ride through time, regret, and self-discovery with Aubrey Plaza leading the charge. This is one movie you won’t want to miss!

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